NSW Dairy Industry facts and figures

Growing the NSW dairy industryBlack and white cow eating grass

The NSW Government has released the Growing the NSW Dairy Industry study which has identified significant growth opportunities for the industry.

The study provides a detailed analysis of potential opportunities on farm and in the dairy industry supply chain, in both domestic and export markets.

NSW dairy industry strategic action plan 2016

This action plan has emerged from a strong collective sense amongst industry stakeholders within NSW that:

  1. there is a need to grow the NSW dairy industry for the benefit of industry participants and the citizens of NSW, and;
  2. there is a need for collective effort to drive the change required.

Key industry stakeholders acknowledge that there is currently a broad suite of activity in the industry, guided by a range of existing strategies.

The aim of this plan is to not replicate activity, rather fast-track the delivery of these through collective action in shared areas of priority and benefit.

NSW dairy industry overview 2015

The NSW dairy industry overview has been prepared by NSW DDPI's Technical Specialist Dairy as an informative document for a broad cross section of users.

The overview will provide a comprehensive snapshot at a point in time of what the NSW dairy industry looks like and what it contributes to the economy and community of NSW.