People on dairy farms

As the dairy industry in NSW has developed, there have been many different productivity hurdles. Feeding, breeding, animal health, finance and business are areas that each farm owner has had to improve productivity in.

The people who work on and around your farm business are responsible for making these improvements happen. The productivity of the farm depends on the skills and attitudes of all members of the team and the systems of work used on the farm.

As the current trend of higher and higher productivity continues then there will be major changes in culture, outlook and the way that the farms thinks about the future. Each farm will have to integrate all the various systems to reduce duplication and to ensure compliance with milk quality, environment, OH&S and animal welfare.

The challenge for the dairy industry in NSW is to create a workplace that is safe, challenging, enjoyable and productive. This will lead to improved capacity to attract and retain staff in what is becoming a highly competitive labour market.

This section of the dairy website has resources, tools, checklists, articles and links that focus on this area.