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The Dairypathways project is a partnership between NSW DPI and Dairy Australia. It has been designed in conjunction with industry through the Dairy Industry Development Corporation (DIDCo), Sub Tropical Dairy and Murray Dairy. It is about delivering extension activities and tools that will enhance dairy farmers’ (and service providers’) capacity to analyse and implement cost-effective technologies and introduce sustainable production systems.

Dairypathways vision: The whole NSW dairy industry, with strong leadership from NSW Department of Primary Industries, developing and delivering an extension service focused on improving dairy business performance, using management systems and appropriate technologies that enhance the physical, environmental and social sustainability of NSW dairy businesses.

The Dairypathways Workplan for 2005-2008, available for download (see below), is an overview of the intentions of the Dairypathways project and a summary of the detailed submission forwarded to Dairy Australia and key NSW industry stakeholders.

Dairypathways brochure
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Dairypathways workplan
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Dairypathways 2 video (YouTube)