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The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Pigs is Australia’s system for identifying and tracing pigs.  It is a mob-based system that links pigs with the properties on which they have run.

The NLIS enhances Australia's ability to quickly contain a major food safety or disease incident. It is implemented by industry in partnership with governments across Australia.

Mob-based tracing system for pigs

Previously tracing of pigs was possible using the combination of swine brands, movement documents and the keeping of records. But from 1 February 2018 additional NLIS requirements were introduced in NSW and other states:

  • All pig movements to and from saleyards, properties and to abattoirs are required to be recorded in a national database (the PigPass database) where data is immediately transferred to the NLIS database
  • Pigs weighing less than 25 kg are now required to be identified with an NLIS ear tag

The following requirements still apply:

  • Land on which pigs are kept must have a property identification code (PIC)
  • Pigs weighing more than 25 kg must be branded with a swine brand (or an NLIS ear tag if no brand is available). The brand or ear tag must link to the PIC of the property from which the pigs moved.
  • A  PigPass National Vendor Declaration (NVD ) must accompany pigs whenever they move

Under the NSW Biosecurity (NLIS) Regulation 2017, all pigs (including pet pigs, pigs raised for personal use and very small pigs) moving off a property must be permanently identified with  either a swine brand (pigs>25 kg) or NLIS accredited ear tag, identifying the PIC of the property the pigs have moved from.  Pigs weighing less than 25kg live-weight must be ear-tagged and not branded.  It is preferable that pigs greater than 25kg are branded, although ear tags are an option if a brand is not available.

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