Batch Farrowing Planner software

NSW Department of Primary Industries has developed the Batch Farrowing Planner to assist piggery managers in the move from continuous farrowing to a batch farrowing system. Traditionally, small to medium size, farrow-to-finish piggeries have used a continuous flow production method. This can lead to compromises in production and low productivity.

Batch farrowing offers distinct production and lifestyle advantages and allows small units to adopt technologies employed by larger piggeries. The Batch Farrowing Planner is designed specifically to assist pig producers to move sows into groups and maintain the sequence of joinings and farrowings.

Version 5 is the multished version that accommodates:

  • 4 or 5 batches for a single shed/room
  • 6 to 10 batches for two sheds/rooms
  • 9 to 11 batches for three sheds/rooms
  • 20 batches for four sheds/rooms
  • 21 batches for five sheds/rooms.

Producers simply enter their chosen options including the date they wish to commence and calculate the spreadsheet. The planner provides a series of calendars and cycle sheets displaying when certain activities must be undertaken. Cross-checks ensure that the options chosen provide a valid system.

Technical requirements

The Batch Farrowing Planner requires Microsoft Excel to operate. The Planner has been updated to operate on Excel 2010.

The software uses macros to operate, so macros must be "enabled" to ensure it functions correctly.


If you are having problems with the downloading or use of the program contact:

Development Officer pigs
NSW Department of Primary Industries
4 Marsden Park Road
Calala NSW 2340
Phone 02 6763 1257
Fax 02 6763 1222

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