Pig nutrition: get the mix right


There are animal health, welfare, reproduction, and profit margin benefits in keeping pigs properly fed.

But there is a lot more to consider than just feed ingredients in a pig ration.

A pig’s nutritional needs change over time as it grows, matures, breeds and lactates; and with the season and environment.

The farm manager needs to also consider feed and water delivery to the pigs; feed ingredient and ration quality assurance; and securing the services of a nutrition consultant to assist in the fine tuning of diets to maximise the benefits to the pig and to farm income.

Topics include;

  • match feed to need
  • benefits of using a nutrition consultant
  • protect your investment – Quality assurance in the feed shed
  • improve feed efficiency, reduce waste and improve income
  • water


Factsheet 1293 Second Edition

Published: Apr 2019