Nutrient calculator - outdoor pigs

About the ‘Nutrient calculator - outdoor pigs’

  • Use to develop graphical and printed scenarios to sustainably manage new or existing outdoor piggeries.
  • Calculate the amount of nutrients deposited by pigs in a single land management area.
  • Simulate cropping/pasture rotations to re-use the deposited nutrients.
  • Multiple land management areas on one farm need to be assessed separately using the 'Calculator' and then combined manually by the user to assess the whole farm, if required.

Using the 'Calculator'

To begin using the ‘Calculator’, information is needed on number and classes of pigs and range areas and stocking periods for each pig group.

  • The ‘Calculator’ presents selection choices for piggery location, general soil types, nutrient losses and cropping/pasture rotation options to follow the pigs.
  • Analysis reports may be viewed and printed.
  • A simple User Guide and help screens guide the user through the ‘Calculator’.
  • Written in Microsoft Excel 2003 ®, it is free to download, use and distribute.