Lachlan LHPA - OJD Prevalence Areas

OJD Prevalence Areas from 1 January 2011

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High Prevalence Area (HPA)

The remainder of the Eastern portion of Division B and C of the Lachlan LHP District not included in the LPA or MPA described below.

Medium Prevalence Area (MPA)

That part of Division C of the Lachlan LHP District that is west of the Stockinbingal to Forbes railway line.

Low Prevalence Area (LPA)

All of Division A of the Lachlan LHP District A and those parts of Division B that lie to the north and west of the line formed by the Forbes-Stockinbingal rail line to the town of Wongajong, then following the Lachlan River to southern tip of the Parish of Waugan, then running north along the borders of the parishes of Waugan, Eugowra, Wanera, Coonambro, Bumberry and Bindogundra to the northern boundary of the Lachlan LHP District.