What is Aquatic Biosecurity?

Aquatic biosecurity is about protecting the economy, human health and the environment from aquatic pests, diseases and saltwater weeds.

Introduced aquatic pests and diseases threaten the plants and animals of NSW waterways by damaging the natural balance of aquatic ecosystems. To help reduce the spread of pests and diseases and enable early detection to support effective management action where needed, everyone needs to practice good biosecurity.

We all have a role to play in managing aquatic biosecurity risks in NSW. Anyone accessing our waterways can help keep aquatic environments healthy and free from pests.

Legislation underpinning Aquatic Biosecurity Management, including the general biosecurity duty we are all required to act under, is listed here.


To report a suspected aquatic pest or disease please see here.

For general Aquatic Biosecurity queries, please contact:

  • DPI Aquatic Biosecurity
    Port Stephens Fisheries Institute
    Nelson Bay NSW 2315
    P: 02 4982 1232
    F: 02 4916 3979
    E: aquatic.biosecurity@dpi.nsw.gov.au