Report a biosecurity risk

What is a biosecurity risk?

Biosecurity is the protection of our economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests, diseases, weeds and contaminants.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 and Biosecurity Regulation 2017 require people to report the presence, or suspected presence, of a pest, disease or anything else that presents a biosecurity risk in NSW.

If you suspect or believe a biosecurity emergency is occurring or likely to occur, you must report it immediately as follows:

How to report an emergency animal disease

Symptoms or deaths in animals that may be due to an emergency animal disease should be reported by:

  • Contacting a vet, or
  • Calling the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline 1800 675 888

How to report an emergency pest or disease affecting a plant

Report to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881.

How to report a fish kill

A fish kill is a sudden and unexpected mass mortality of wild or cultured fish and should be reported to the Fishers Watch 24-hour hotline on 1800 043 536.

To report other types of biosecurity risks, see below.

Notifiable pest and diseases must be reported within 1 working day.

Everyone has a legal obligation to report a notifiable pest or disease as soon as you suspect or detect it. This action will allow a quick response to contain and eradicate the pest or disease before it can spread.

You can report a notifiable pest or disease by:

To report a chemical spill or pollution, or a possible misuse of a chemical or pesticide, visit NSW EPA Environment Line or call them on 131 555.

For information about chemical disposal, call ChemClear on 1800 008 182.

A farm chemical contamination includes a person, plant or animal, or plant or animal product, that is contaminated by a chemical that may:

  • pose a danger to human health or the environment,
  • cause it to be unfit for human consumption, or
  • be detrimental to export or other trade.

You can report chemical contamination by:

Some non-indigenous animals pose or could pose a biosecurity risk if they were released or escaped. Prohibited dealings include unusual animal sightings or illegal activities such as the movement, keeping, breeding and sale of controlled non-indigenous animals .

View a list of animals that it is prohibited to deal with in NSW.

Prohibited dealings can be reported using the online notification form.

Widespread pest animals should be reported to your Local Land Services.

For more information about reporting pests or diseases see:

To report a biosecurity risk, see the How do I report a biosecurity risk? panel above.

For all other biosecurity enquiries: