Game meat harvesting in locust control areas

During plague locust control campaigns, it is important to consider the effect that the insecticides used to control the locusts have on residues in game meat. Careful attention must be made when harvesting game meat to reduce the likelihood of chemical residues.

Game meat harvesters will need to be in contact with the owner of the property that the game meat is being harvested from in order to determine when it is safe to harvest.

Harvesters should discuss any locust control measures currently underway or being planned by the property owner. In doing so, harvesters should collect as much information as possible about any planned control measures, including:

  1. Name and product to be sprayed
  2. Date and time of spraying
  3. Safety Data Sheet of the product
  4. Where the product will be sprayed

Harvesters should also consult regularly with federal or state bodies with respect to major locust control operations. The websites listed below provide up-to-date locust control resource information.