Yellow Crazy Ant - Permit and Notification forms

Moving soil and vegetation is now restricted

Yellow Crazy Ants can be spread with the movement of plants and soil. While the ants themselves spread relatively slowly, it is critical that the community works hard to prevent these pests from spreading by hitchhiking on garden materials, soil and with people and their belongings.

To help us prevent the spread of Yellow Crazy Ants, NSW DPI has put movement restrictions in place, preventing the transmission of vegetative matter and soil within a five kilometre radius of the Lismore Central Business District. Visit Biosecurity Act 2015 for more information.

It is also now prohibited to move plant matter and soil from with the restricted zone to areas outside the zone.

Penalties of up to $1,000 apply to people breaking these restrictions.

The restrictions apply, until 30 June 2019.

Yellow Crazy Ant material: grass, park and garden vegetation and clippings, untreated timber, wood chips, soil and sand.

Obtaining a permit or notifying us of a movement

  • If you are moving Yellow Crazy Ant material in or out of the infested area, or a commercial business operating within the control area that wishes to move Yellow Crazy Ant material please fill in this permit application.
  • If you are not a commercial business moving Yellow Crazy Ant material within the control area you must complete a risk assessment and notification declaration form.

Map - Movement Control Zone

To discuss the boundaries of this movement map email