Protect our environment and help the hunt for the 'Most Unwanted'

Non–native pest animal reporting

Non-native pest animals can have a negative impact on the natural environment and businesses as they can:

  • Prey on native animals
  • Compete with other animals for food and shelter
  • Destroy natural habitats
  • Potentially introduce exotic animal diseases

The NSW Government is committed to preventing the introduction and establishment of new pest animals and ensuring existing non-native animals in the state are managed effectively. A ‘Most Unwanted’ Campaign has been rolled out to encourage the people of NSW to look for and report non-native pest animals.

If you become aware of unusual animals in the wrong place or suspect illegal activities such as the movement, keeping, breeding and sale of unusual non-native animals, you should make a confidential report to NSW DPI as soon as possible on 1800 680 244 or online at non-native animals.