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Bringing feed and fodder into NSW - High Risk Weeds pocket guide

When you bring feed and fodder from outside NSW onto your property, you risk introducing new weeds. The weeds listed in this booklet are considered the most serious biosecurity threats to NSW that could be found in feed and fodder from other parts of Australia. Keep an eye out for these, but most importantly:

  • Check your feed out areas regularly for any new or unusual plants and call your local council weeds officer for assistance if you find anything.
  • Some of the listed weeds don’t occur in NSW and are known as Prohibited Matter under the Biosecurity Act. They must be reported so that authorities can act quickly to stop their spread.
  • Some are serious weeds that do occur in parts of NSW, but must not be imported into the state or carried into certain regions of NSW.

For further assistance call the Biosecurity Helpline 1800 680 244.