Identifying and reporting disease

While Australian authorities take a wide range of measures to prevent, control and eradicate disease, better cooperation with hunters and farmers is vital. Hunters have a key role to play by:

  • monitoring the health status of wild animals
  • protecting the health of domestic animals
  • reporting any suspicious weeds or animal pests

If you have identified an animal that shows any sign of sickness or has an infectious disease, you should:

  • Report it immediately by calling the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.
  • Report any findings of wild animal carcasses
  • Clean and disinfect your equipment, clothes, vehicle and trophies on site and always before leaving the area
  • Eviscerate shot pest animals in the designated areas (if and where available) or where appropriate
  • Bury or conceal carcasses and any remains in appropriate areas
  • Contribute to the gradual reduction of pest animal density through targeted hunting of adult and sub-adult females
  • Do not relocate, feed or capture pest animals at any time throughout the year.