Working in an emergency

At times, NSW DPI may ask for your assistance in responding to emergencies and incidents involving animals.

National standards for private vets working in emergency animal disease responses

Previous experiences, including the 2007 Equine Influenza outbreak have shown the need for nationally consistent arrangements including remuneration rates so that when there is an emergency disease response, private practitioners can be engaged efficiently and effectively.

  • Private vets will now take part in emergency animal disease (EAD) responses either as an employee of a state or territory government, or as an independent contractor.
  • Consistent rates of pay have been agreed, and will be reviewed annually and indexed in line with increases in Commonwealth pay rates.

Further information is available in the national guidance document (PDF, 877.28 KB), which describes the overall context, background and structure of the arrangements. Details are also available on the employment conditions (PDF, 437.46 KB) for vets and what should be in each employment contract (PDF, 501.29 KB).

Got questions? You might find the answers in the Department of Agriculture's Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 410 KB) document.


NSW DPI provides emergency management training so that you are ready to help if you are called upon.