Climate Change Research Strategy

To ensure the continued growth of NSW Primary Industries, and safeguard the future of the regional communities, our $15.4 billion sector needs to be resilient and adaptable to changes in economic and environmental conditions.

Supported by an investment of $29.2 million from the NSW Climate Change Fund, the NSW Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy (PDF, 2352.34 KB) will invest in project and program areas that could support the primary industries sector to adapt to climate change.

The Strategy seeks to identify through research, and innovation, energy supply and demand solutions, carbon opportunities and climate resilience building programs to enable our primary industries to prepare for the challenges and opportunities climate change presents. The results of this research will be useful in informing forward work programs and policy to support the long term sustainability of primary industries for NSW.


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Research Strategy Theme Areas and Projects

The Strategy is made up of seven projects across the three key theme areas to deliver benefits and opportunities to primary producers and regional communities.


Carbon Opportunities

  • Emissions Reduction Pathways Project ($1.5m) - Investigate the feasibility of emissions reduction and carbon sequestration options to help primary industries plan to reduce emissions
  • Accessing Carbon Markets Project ($1.3m) - Increasing primary industries access to carbon markets and optimising industry contribution to reduce emissions
  • Abatement opportunities from the agricultural sector in NSW (Note: currently under review, updated version available soon)
    a comprehensive report showing that Primary producers can play an important role in reducing emissions and increasing carbon sequestration. This report identifies the on-farm actions to reduce emissions and participate in carbon markets. The potential carbon sequestration through vegetation and soil management across NSW is identified as well as opportunities for primary industry sectors to reduce emissions. The NSW Carbon Emissions (PDF, 6656 KB) brochure provides a summary of the contents of this report for easy reading.

Climate Resilience