Project 2: Energy Efficiency Solutions

Biogas system in piggery farm

The Energy Efficiency Solutions project team will identify;

  • those sectors in NSW most exposed and sensitive to energy related input costs,
  • trends in energy productivity and explore economically viable opportunities to improve performance,
  • barriers to improving energy productivity and strategies to overcome these,
  • fund and oversee the piloting of a series of projects to improve conditions in vulnerable industry sectors, and
  • develop and deliver relevant and a practical energy focused education and extension program.

Key project activities

  1. A training and awareness campaign focusing on the extensive and broad acre irrigated sectors e.g. regional Farm Energy Forums
  2. Funding of innovative ideas to reduce exposure and sensitivity to rising energy costs in identified subsectors through investment in feasibility assessment and on farm pilots

Program Logic

The Energy Efficiency Solutions Program Logic is a summary of key project performance targets and actions

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