Farm Energy Forums

Energetic opportunities in the 21st century - taking it to the farm

NSW DPI, in conjunction with various branches of government and industry, are hosting a series of large rural community forums focusing on energy related opportunities for the agricultural sector in the 21st Century. The forums are organised and supported by funds from the energy related Climate Change Fund (CCF) projects and are tailored to meet regional interests and needs.

These forums  provide a comprehensive overview on farm energy use and highlight its impact on profitability both now and into the near future, with costs expected to rise. The forums explore where improvements in efficiencies can be achieved and the potential to improve overall energy productivity for each sector. The forums have brought together leading minds from business, government and the university sector to explore the issue, its causes and potential opportunities for agriculture using existing regionally relevant  information wherever possible.

Exploring Beyond Diesel

Agricultural production relies on many energy sources, the dominant one is diesel. Diesel usage generates many millions of tonnes of CO2 related gases every year.  If we are to achieve significant reductions in human related emissions, an alternative to fossil fuel diesel will be needed. This series of free online forums explores alternatives and transitions for production systems, that are possible beyond diesel reliance.

The second in this series of seminars exploring this theme was held on 2 September 2020. This session looked at the New Holland T6 tractor and its development along with businesses that are developing in Australia to generate methane for industrial uses, one of which may be replacement of diesel. We explored where methane gas may fit into the future power mix.

Flyer for second diesel forum 2 September 2020

Download PDF or watch a recording of the Forum Two presentations:

Session 1: Introduction and DPI Energy Efficiency Solutions Project Overview - Michael Cashen & John O'Connor (PDF, 734.19 KB)

Watch recording Session 1

Session 2: Methane Power - Ben Mitchell, New Holland (PDF, 11923.24 KB)

Watch recording Session 2

Watch recording Session 3: The Imperative and Challenges - James Jackson, President NSW Farmers

Session 4: Bundaberg BioHub Qld - Fiona Waterhouse, Utilitas Group (PDF, 3287.78 KB)

Watch recording Session 4

Session 5: Community Power Hub Vic - Joe Finneran, Mollongghip & District Community Power Hub (PDF, 748.22 KB)

Watch recording Session 5

Session 6: Transitional Technologies-Future Fuel Mix - Charles Luo, Pitt & Sherry (PDF, 2907.94 KB)

Watch recording Session 6

Session 7: Hydrogen Power Developments - Neil Thompson, Director Australian Hydrogen Council (PDF, 1250.63 KB)

Watch recording Session 7

Watch recording of wrap up session: Evaluation-Future Events - Charlie Prell, Farmers for Climate Action

Farm Energy Forum Presentations

Farm Energy Forums have been held in the South Coast and Murray River regions during 2019 and the following PDF presentations are available to download:

South Coast  (Bega & Nowra)  20-21 June 2019

Murray  (Corowa, Finley, Buronga) 27-29 August 2019

Note: The above documents are not web accessible. To obtain an accessible version please contact John O'Connor at NSW Department of Primary Industries - contact details below.

Further forums are planned for the future, details of which will be posted once confirmed.

Those interested please contact

John O’Connor

Phone: 0412 359 084

Email: john.o’