Feasibility Assessment and On Farm Pilots

Funding of innovative ideas to improve energy optimisation in NSW intensive industries

Recent increases in energy costs have eroded the profitability and international competitiveness of NSW agricultural producers, particularly those in the intensive  subsectors of the state, as identified in an initial scoping report completed by A2EP for NSW DPI in April 2018  - A2EP Scoping Report

NSW DPI recognises the impact these changes have had on industry and aims to help those sectors most exposed and sensitive to increased energy input costs in NSW, to explore novel approaches to improving on-farm energy optimisation. The Energy Efficiency Solutions Project has allocated significant funds ($2.3M) for both commercial feasibility assessment and piloting of novel ideas to improve this situation.

Following an announcement by the Hon Minister Adam Marshall on the 13th September 2019 calling for project proposals, 19 formal submissions were made from the identified intensive subsectors specifically; poultry (broiler), dairy (cattle and sheep), pork, feedlot (cattle and sheep) and horticulture. Proposals received ranged in diversity, scale and complexity.

Following formal evaluation, 11 proponents were offered the opportunity to have a formal assessment completed. NSW DPI is now in the process of engaging suitably qualified parties to undertake this activity with final reports to be submitted to the Project Steering Committee for evaluation by 30th April 2020. The 5 most promising projects will then be then offered up to $350,000 each (excl GST) to implement the proposal with 50% co-investment required by the successful proponents.

The process and key dates

The competitive process will be staged as follows:

  • 13th September 19              - RFP opened
  • 21st October 19                    - RFP closed
  • 9th December 19                 - proponent notification
  • 20th December 19               - procurement of services initiated
  • 3rd February 20                    - commercial feasibility assessment starts
  • 30th April 20                          - commercial feasibility assessment complete
  • 6&7th May 20                       - assessment and proponent notification
  • 1st June 20                           - pilot commences


For further information please contact Michael Cashen, NSW Department of Primary Industries at michael.cashen@dpi.nsw.gov.au