Feasibility Assessment and On Farm Pilots

Funding of innovative ideas to improve energy optimisation in NSW intensive industries

Recent increases in energy costs have eroded the profitability and international competitiveness of NSW agricultural producers, particularly those in the intensive agriculture subsectors of the state.

NSW DPI recognises the impact these changes have had on industry and would like to help those sectors most exposed and sensitive to increased energy input costs in NSW, to explore novel approaches to improving on-farm energy optimisation.

NSW DPI through its Energy Efficiency Solutions Project has significant funds ($2.25M) available for both commercial feasibility assessment (up to $50K exclusive GST each) and piloting (up to $350K exclusive GST each) of novel ideas to improve this situation.

In scope

On the 13th September the Hon Minister Adam Marshall announced an initial Request for Proposals (RFP) as the first step in this process, with successful proposals to be considered for a funded commercial feasibility assessment. Under the RFP, NSW DPI is seeking ideas for energy optimisation projects (Concepts) on farms in one or more of the following NSW sub-sectors:

  • cattle feedlots;
  • dairy (including on-farm processing);
  • poultry (broiler and/or layer);
  • pork; or
  • horticulture (intensive operations).

Concepts considered include projects that:

  • provide opportunities to optimise on-farm energy management through an enhancement of efficiency and/or productivity;
  • deploy technology or business practices to optimise energy management on farms or in Proponent’s supply chains;
  • use new business models to increase farm productivity and profitability, such as increasing the proportion of processing conducted on-farm; or
  • incorporate on-site energy generation, storage, demand management and micro-grids.

The process and key dates

The competitive process will be staged as follows:

Interested and keen to make an application

Applicants are asked to download and carefully read the three key documents:

In brief the A2EP study:

  • examined current uses of energy and levels of energy productivity in the NSW agriculture sector; and
  • identified potential energy productivity improvements i.e. increasing the value of economic output per unit of energy used.

The scoping study also outlined various ideas for optimising energy management in the targeted NSW Sub-Sectors. Proponents may use or leverage upon these ideas in their Concepts. It is strongly recommended that prior to submitting a Proposal, Proponents can review the scoping study report (PDF, 2.14 MB).

Need to know more

Formal Briefings

Download the Audio Recording (M4A, 22212.48 KB) (Required Password: sf9A7npk^9Aj) used in conjunction with the Powerpoint Presentation (PDF, 3111.7 KB) from the formal briefings which were held on:

  • Monday 23rd September 2019 (11:00 am to 12:30 pm) and
  • Tuesday 24th September 2019 (2:00 pm to 3:30 pm) at:

The Boardroom
Institute for Sustainable Futures
Level 11, UTS Building 10
235 Jones Street, Ultimo

Further questions

All requests for information about this RFP process must be sent to the following Contact Person in writing:

NSW DPI will post an answer on this webpage as soon as possible afterwards.