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AgGuide - Preparing for drought cover

Here’s what the farmers say about drought

- Agriculture; Drought

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has launched a new publication Preparing for drought – what the farmers say, designed to provide a resource to support the State’s primary producers to become stronger and ready to face future droughts.

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority is urging farmers to submit their 2019/20 invoices for the NSW Government’s Drought Transport Subsidy by the end of this month.

Accelarating drought recovery for farmers

- Drought; Ministerial

The NSW Government is delivering a new $310 million drought assistance package to ensure ongoing support for farmers battling drought while delivering new initiatives to assist those entering the early stages of recovery.

The NSW Government today announced a further $310 million in emergency drought relief in recognition of the on-going drought conditions in regional NSW and to uphold a commitment to helping farmers make it out of the worst drought in living memory.

Livestock grazing risks after rain

- Agriculture; Drought

With recent rain welcomed across some areas of eastern parts of the State, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is urging farmers to be aware of risks to livestock through changes in feed quality and nutrition.