A number of long-term low interest loans and financial support measures are available from NSW and the Australian governments. See the RAA's guide to choosing the right loan for your needs (PDF, 79.54 KB).

Other measures available from the Australian Government can be found on the Commonwealth services and support page.

Support measure Information
NSW Farm Innovation Fund Provides long-term, low-interest loans to primary producers for permanent on-farm infrastructure.
Drought Concessional Loans Provided by the Australian Government for debt restructuring, operating expenses and drought recovery and preparedness activities.
Farm Management Deposits Assists primary producers build up cash reserves to manage financial risk and address business costs in low-income years.
Rural Financial Counselling Service A free and confidential service which provides information and assistance on financial position, budgets and submitting applications, available to farmers, fishing enterprise operators and small agriculture dependent rural businesses.
Farm Debt MediationHelps farmers and their creditors reach agreement on their present and future financial arrangements with an independent, accredited mediator.