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Digital Agriculture

On-farm demonstrations of digital technologies showing the measurement of production and environmental variables improves certainty and adaptions for climate variability.

Most Popular

Horticulture Pilot

Although it is commonly acknowledged in the industry that drip irrigation is more efficient than other irrigation methods, easy access to irrigation data showed just how dramatic that difference was.

Fisheries Pilot

Fresh water is a primary contamination source. When introduced to oysters it poses consumer health risks, and therefore, rainfall determines harvest closures. That means it is vital for farmers to track local rainfall as it occurs in preparation for any closures, potentially reducing losses.

Livestock Pilot

The multi-site Livestock Pilot is running at Molong, Orange, Eurimbla, Tullamore, Binginbar, and Trangie. The project draws together DPI staff and livestock producers to test technologies that monitor resources and climate.

Useful Information

Open Source Hardware and Software

Do you want to create your own remote sensors, analyse data or interrogate device quality?
Check out the DPI Climate Branch GitHub to explore embedded systems code, open source hardware and software libraries.

Accessing the FarmDecisionTech API

FarmDecisionTECH™ includes an API; granting access to sensor telemetry data as well as contextual metadata for devices and their deployments. Intended for use by developers, data integrators, data analysts & data scientists.