Code (Internal use only) Test name1 Price (excl. GST)2
WNV_B_ABELWest Nile Virus Blocking ELISA$11.82
WNV_ABEL_M West Nile Virus IgM ELISA*$23.34
WNV_PCR West Nile Virus Real–time PCR*$81.56
WSSV_PCR White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Real–time PCR $97.68
N/AWorm Count – Aliquot$80.31
N/AWorm Count – Total (Bovine)$292.78
N/AWorm Count – Total (Ovine)$134.57
N/AWormTest Pooled – Faecal Egg Count (2 pools up to 10 samples)$37.14
N/AWormTest Individual – Faecal Egg Count (10 individual samples)$59.08
VariousWorm Typing - Larval Differentiation $31.90

1 Please refer to the disease/genetic testing page for further information about sample requirements and test turnaround time.

2 Please note that previous price lists have provided our prices INCLUSIVE of GST.