Communique meeting 14 February 2017

14 February 2017

The Biosecurity Advisory Committee (the Committee) held its tenth meeting on 14 February 2017, in Orange, NSW.

At this meeting, the Committee:

  • complimented the department on their focus and energy in the final milestones to support the implementation of the Biosecurity Act 2015;
  • considered an implementation date of on or before 30 June 2017 for the legislation to assist with planning;
  • discussed key issues from statutory consultation on the proposed Biosecurity Regulation 2016, ongoing industry consultation and potential areas of change to the proposed Biosecurity Regulation 2016 and noted that an update on the process will be  included in the next Biosecurity newsletter;
  • noted progress and timing for the Biosecurity Amendment Bill 2017;
  • considered high level analysis from the Biosecurity Attitudinal Survey, noting the final report will be presented to the department by end February 2017;
  • welcomed presentations from key biosecurity staff within LLS and DPI on the practical implications for implementation and preparatory work underway;
  • discussed the critical need for additional advisory/guidance material on application of the general biosecurity duty;
  • discussed the reviews into the Intergovernmental Government Agreement on Biosecurity (IGAB) and National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement (NEBRA);
  • noted progress with the development of the initial State of Biosecurity Report, particularly with regard to the identification of data requirements, sources and processes for analysis.

The Committee also discussed other aspects of the broader legislation reform project including training, systems development and progress with the drafting of revised policies and procedures.

The Committee considered responses to the discussion paper “Recreation in natural areas” and more broadly how to educate and engage community about the importance of good biosecurity practices to the environment.

The Committee again reinforced its confidence in the progress and project milestones for the implementation of the Act.

The Committee will meet again 17 March 2017.

Further information on the NSW Biosecurity Legislation Reform project.