Communique meeting 21 July 2017

Biosecurity Advisory Committee Communique – July 2017

The Biosecurity Advisory Committee (the Committee) held its twelfth meeting on 21 July 2017 in Sydney.

At this meeting the Committee:

  • Recognised the significant work undertaken to ensure implementation of the Biosecurity Act 2015 on 1 July 2017, including:
    • finalisation of the subordinate regulation; supporting policies, procedures, guidelines/tools; development of supporting communications materials; targeted stakeholder consultations and training of over 900 staff.
  • Acknowledged the government’s efforts in the successful implementation of the Act.
  • Noted the strong forward work programme to fully embed the legislation, including;
    • development and implementation of a communication and engagement strategy with a strong focus on the general biosecurity duty
    • development of governance arrangements to formalise partnerships and recognise roles and responsibilities across the biosecurity spectrum
    • implementation of the government’s response to the NRC Pest Animal Report, including any regulatory amendments
    • development of processes and systems to support adoption of the third party components of the Act, i.e., biosecurity certifiers, and auditors
    • ongoing training opportunities and collateral for government, industry and the general community
    • exploration of system enhancements to build better customer service and intelligence systems; and
  • Discussed the current draft of the inaugural State of Biosecurity Report, with a focus on baseline information.

The Committee also recognises that under their current terms of reference their role will shortly draw to a close with the delivery of the State of Biosecurity Report. The Committee sees value in the establishment of a high level independently chaired ministerial advisory committee supported by relevant technical committees, such as the State Weeds and Pest Animals Committees to better recognise that biosecurity is a shared responsibility.

Representation on any new Committee could reflect current membership of the Biosecurity Advisory Committee and be strengthened by the inclusion of a Local Government representative.

The Committee will meet again 2 August 2017.

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