Bees - Spring management in honey bee colonies

Course details

Name:Spring management of honey bee colonies
Description:This two day practical course is suited to the more experienced beekeeper wishing to learn advanced skills in re-queening colonies and manipulating honey bee brood for particular purposes such as increasing hive numbers, managing swarm behaviour, increasing honey production, preparing strong healthy hives for pollination services and queen bee rearing.
Cost:$570 (GST free)
Course aims:
  • To provide the knowledge and skills needed to manipulate honey bee brood for a required outcome
  • To provide the knowledge and skills to identify Honey bee queen performance and how to replace if required
Learning outcomes:
  • Understand the principles and practice of brood manipulation
  • Understand biosecurity issues involved when moving bees
  • Knowledge of bee behaviour
  • Bee handling techniques
  • Awareness of different types and purposes of brood manipulation to achieve a desired result
  • Understand principles, practices and conditions required for re-queening a colony
  • Understand queen bee behaviour, brood pattern and factors that may affect brood production
  • Awareness of criteria for selecting a new queen bee
  • Understand how to remove an unwanted queen bee
  • Knowledge and methods for storage and introduction of a new queen bee
Length:2 days
Course program/structure:

Day 1

  • Castes of bees, bee development, hive box configurations
  • Spring timing, Honey bee nutrition, conditions
  • Equipment needed, risks to colony, biosecurity
  • Inspection and manipulation process
  • Ways to find a queen bee
  • Types of brood manipulation with a view to swarm management

Day 2

  • Monitoring hives after manipulations
  • Queen health and replacement
  • Colour coding
  • Obtaining and caring for new queen
  • Timing for replacement and removal of queen
  • Introducing new queen
  • Monitoring colony after new queen installed
  • Swarms
  • Creating an artificial swarm
  • Hiving a swarm
  • Assessment and evaluation
Resources and method of delivery:

Participants will receive a copy of PowerPoint presentation slides.

This course is delivered using indoor and outdoor instruction which includes working with live bees.

Accreditation:This course is mapped to the national units of competency:
  • AHCBEK302 - Manipulate Honey bee brood
  • AHCBEK303 – Re-queen a Honey bee colony.


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Tocal College, Paterson (near Maitland) 16th Sep 2019


Tocal College, Paterson (near Maitland)

16 Sep 2019 - 17 Sep 2019

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