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Name:Basic pig nutrition
Description:This online course explains the basics of pig nutrition. Nutrition impacts all aspects of pork production - breeding, growth and development, health and welfare. Feed is also the greatest component of the cost of production of pork. If you understand the needs of the pig you are able to make better economic decisions regarding their feed supply as well as having happy healthy pigs.
Cost:Introductory offer of $165
Course aims:The aim of this course is to give participants a basic understanding of the nutritional needs of the pig.
Learning outcomes:

There are seven topics in the course, based around the seven rules to managing pig nutrition

  1. Pigs need more than pasture
  2. Process cereals grains
  3. One diet doesn't suit all pigs
  4. Formulate diets to suit pigs
  5. Cool water available at all times
  6. Prohibited substances legislation or swill feeding laws
  7. Hazardous substances in feed and pasture
Length:You work at your own pace.
Course program/structure:Each topic has a tutorial and a short quiz. Completion of the final quiz means you would be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.
Resources and method of delivery:This course is delivered online. Participants receive a copy of AgGuide - Pig production the basics
Accreditation:This is a non-accredited course.



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