Bees - Artificial insemination of queen bees

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Name:Artificial insemination of queen bees
Description:This course is recommended for queen bee breeders and bee researchers who have bred queen bees for natural mating for two seasons or more. Preferably, students should either work for an employer who manages 200 hives or more, or manage 200 or more hives themselves.
Course aims:
  • Develop an understanding of queen bee artificial insemination and bee breeding.
  • Develop and demonstrate the skills to collect honey bee semen and inseminate queen bees.
Learning outcomes:
  • Practice good hygiene and technique with artificial insemination equipment
  • Collect honey bee semen
  • Artificially inseminate queen bees
  • Understand basic bee breeding programs (Closed population)
Length:2 days 
Course program/structure:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Breeding program theory
  • Insemination video: Part 1
  • Workspace hygiene and mixing saline solution
  • Artificial insemination instrument setup
  • Drone eversion and hygiene requirements
  • Honey bee semen collection and troubleshooting
  • Queen insemination
  • Workplace cleanup and storage

Day 2

  • Workplace setup
  • Insemination video: Part 2
  • Honey bee semen collection
  • Queen insemination, marking, caging
  • Semen collection and insemination troubleshooting
  • Post-insemination queen care
  • Nucleus colony management
  • Insemination instrument cleanup and storage
Resources and method of delivery:

Each participant receives the Queen Bee Breeding AgGuide.

This course is delivered using both indoor and outdoor instruction.

Accreditation:This course has been mapped to the national unit of competency, AHCBEK402 - Perform queen bee artificial insemination.
Bees artificial insemination


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