Introduction to pastures

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Name:Introduction to pastures
Description:Introduces the role of pastures in the animal system and landscape, including feed, ground cover and biodiversity. Looks at matching pastures to landscapes and how feed gaps affect farm management.
Cost:$160 (GST incl.)
Course aims:To assist participants explore the wide role of pastures and to develop a basic understanding of pasture management.
Learning outcomes:
  • Identify features of different pastures and fodder crops, including seasonal growth patterns of grasses and legumes
  • Select pasture species that match landscape and soil fertility conditions
Length:4 hours
Course program/structure:Course involves a mix of indoor and in paddock components, including naturalised to highly improved pasture. Identify pasture management issues.
Resources and method of delivery:
  • Participants are provided with a choice of 'Grasses of Coastal NSW' or 'Legumes and herbs of Coastal NSW'.
  • This course is delivered using both indoor and outdoor instruction.
Accreditation:This is not an assessable course
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