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Name:Lucerne online
Description:Lucerne online is a new short course on lucerne management. It is designed for farmers and graziers, livestock producers, managers of lucerne stands and those who are involved in the lucerne industry. It covers the management of lucerne in your farming system and what is required to establish production targets for a lucerne enterprise.
Course aims:If you want to introduce lucerne to your farming system or are interested in the production of high quality lucerne pasture and fodder then Lucerne online is a new learning tool for you or your employees.
Learning outcomes:

There are five modules in the course.

  1. Introducing lucerne
  2. Farming systems
  3. Establishing lucerne and variety selection
  4. Lucerne management - Insect & mite pests/Diseases/Weeds and weed control/Fertilisers
  5. Farm production
Length:You work at your own pace.
Course program/structure:Most of the 5 modules includes a tutorial and short quiz. Completion of the assessment tasks means you could be eligible to receive a unit of competency.
Resources and method of delivery:This course is delivered online. This course was developed by Local Land Services. Your course instructor Lisa Castleman is an agronomist and available for support.



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This course is delivered online, allowing participants to undertake the course from home, at a time that suits them.

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