Pests and diseases of honey bees

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Name:Pests and diseases of honey bees
Description:The two day course provides beekeepers with the skills to recognise, monitor and manage the impact of pests and disease on honey bee colonies. It is also designed to promote awareness and surveillance for exotic pests and diseases threatening the Australian beekeeping industry.

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Course aims:This course aims for each participant to be able to identify and manage the major domestic pests and disease of honey bees to minimise their impact, whilst promoting awareness and surveillance for the exotic pests and disease threatening the Australian apiary industry.
Learning outcomes:
  • Identify the suitable PPE required and WHS risks.
  • Assess the health and condition of brood.
  • Assess the health and condition of adult bees.
  • Identify the climatic factors that predispose honey bees to the various pests and diseases.
  • Identify the appropriate samples to assist in the identification of the pest or disease.
  • Identify the necessary actions to reduce the impact of pests and disease of honey bees.
Length:2 days
Course program/structure:
  • Seasonal cycle of honey bee colonies.
  • Why pest and diseases are important.
  • What is disease, what causes disease.
  • Different pathogens and transmission methods.
  • Four main brood disease.
  • Practical - opening a hive and inspecting for brood disease.
  • Practical - collecting samples for diagnosis
  • Adult bee diseases.
  • Hive pests.
  • Non infectious disorders.
  • Exotic pests and disease.
  • Surveillance programs for exotics.
  • Exotic incursion responses.
  • Management strategies for disease prevention.
Resources and method of delivery:

Participants receive course notes and a copy of the AgGuide Healthy Bees.

This course is delivered using indoor and outdoor instruction.

This course is also delivered online.


This course has been mapped to the following national units of competency:

  • AHCBEK306 - Manage pests and disease within a honey bee colony
  • FDFOP2013A - Apply sampling procedures.


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