Precision agronomy

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Name:Precision Agronomy

This training program provides functional, practical training in precision agronomy relevant to local climate and industries. More information is available in the Precision Agronomy course brochure.

Cost:Pre-approved applicants will be funded through the National AgSkilled training program.
Course aim:To enable farmers and advisors to utilise existing services and data to receive better functionality, integration and return on investment. If you are an agronomist, advisor, or farmer who utilises technology then this course will be highly beneficial to you, your clients, and your business.
Length:This is a four day course conducted over two workshops plus an online component.
Course program/structure:
  • Planning and managing Variable Rate Applications
  • Interpreting NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) and Yield Data on farm
  • Agronomic principles, interpreting soil maps and samples to match soils and fertilisers
  • Calibrate, prepare and use Variable Rate spreading equipment
  • Introducing GPS Guidance, variable rate controllers and auto steer technologies
Resources and method of delivery:

Workbook and reference publications provided.

This course is a blended delivery of face to face and online.


This course is aligned to national units of competencies:

  • AHCWRK502 Collect and manage data
  • AHCAGB402 Analyse and interpret production data
  • AHCSOL402 Develop a soil use map for a property (online module)
  • AHCMOM306 Ground spread fertilizer and soil ameliorant
  • AHCMOM311 Operate precision control technology
farm machinery

Upcoming dates/locations

Workshop 1: 22-23 November, 2017
Workshop 2: 20-21 December,2017

Workshop 1: 6-7 December, 2017
Workshop 2: 31 Jan - 1 Feb, 2018

Workshop 1: 10-11 January, 2018 
Workshop 2: 7-8 March, 2018

Workshop 1: 14-15 February, 2018 
Workshop 2: 14-15 March, 2018

Workshop 1: 21-22 February, 2018
Workshop 2: 21-22 March, 2018


Apply now for participation in this course with your preferred location and dates. Numbers are limited and you need to apply 25 days prior to Workshop 1.

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Phone: Charlie Bell  02 4939 8875