Recognising water weeds

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Name:Recognising water weeds
Description:The workshop is designed for weed professionals or people working in natural resource management who require knowledge of water weed species as part of their employment. Live plant specimens are used to outline key identification features to distinguish between native look-a-likes and noxious weeds.
Cost:$340 GST free.
Course aims:To assist participants to develop skills in aquatic weed recognition and identification and an understanding of their impacts.
Learning outcomes:
  • Become familiar with the common language used to describe plant parts
  • Describe plant features that help identify aquatic weeds
  • Distinguish between aquatic plants with similar features
  • Select a suitable process for identifying an unknown plant
  • Develop a knowledge of declared aquatic weeds in NSW
  • Correctly dispose of aquatic plant material
Length:1 day
Course program/structure:Introduction to aquatic weeds
  • impacts of aquatic weeds
  • state legislation
  • Weeds of National Significance (WONS)
  • common areas where aquatic weeds invade

Aquatic plant recognition

  • aquatic plant form
  • leaf structure
  • stem and root characteristics
  • flowers

Aquatic weeds in Australia and similar looking natives

  • key features of selected aquatic plants
  • a brief history of the weed (introduction, spread, impact)
Resources and method of delivery: Participants are provided with a course manual.

This course is delivered indoors.


This course is mapped to the following national units of competency:

  • AHCILM202 - Observe and report plants or animals
  • AHCPCM201 - Recognise plants

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