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Tocal Skills Training online delivers training right to your desktop, offering convenience and easy access at a time that suits you.

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Our learning material is relevant to industry, intuitive and provides opportunity for collaboration and interaction with other students and peers.

While you are enrolled in the course you are able to login as often as you like, starting and stopping your course to suit your own schedule.

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Available online courses

Basic pig nutrition
This online course explains the basics of pig nutrition. Nutrition impacts all aspects of pork production - breeding, growth and development, health and welfare. Feed is also the greatest component of the cost of production of pork. If you understand the needs of the pig you are able to make better economic decisions regarding their feed supply as well as having happy healthy pigs.

Bees - Pests & diseases of honey bees
This online course gives you the knowledge to identify and manage pests and diseases to improve the health and profitability of your colonies.

Develop a whole farm plan
This online course covers the process of developing a property management plan including a map and written management strategies.

Lucerne management
Lucerne online is a new short course on lucerne management, designed for farmers and graziers, livestock producers, managers of lucerne stands and those involved in the lucerne industry. If you want to introduce lucerne to your farming system or are interested in the production of high quality lucerne pasture and fodder, then Lucerne online is a learning tool for you or your employees.

Manage work health and safety processes
This online course is for owners, managers and supervisors of a rural workplace. You will learn how to establish and maintain a work health and safety management system (WHSMS).

Monitor and manage soils for production
This online course covers the process of monitoring and managing soils in an agricultural or horticultural enterprise and will enable you to document a soil management plan.

Prograze Plus
This online course will build on the skills and knowledge learnt in PrograzeTM, leading to the development of a whole farm fodder budget. This course is for sheep and cattle producers who have completed PrograzeTM.

SMARTtrain® chemical application (Level 3) online
An online course aimed at people who use chemicals in their workplace and will help you safely apply, transport and store chemicals using best practice methods whilst meeting legislative requirements.

SMARTtrain® Chemical application reaccreditation (Level 3) online
This online course is for participants with immediate computer skills, reliable internet access and a valid email address. Candidates must have previously completed a Level 3 chemical accreditation and supply a copy of a current chemical accreditation card on enrolment.

SMARTtrain® chemical risk management (Level 4) online
This online course is suitable for training supervisors and managers with risk management skills to manage the transportation, storage, application and record keeping of agricultural chemicals (including biological pesticides). Candidates must have previously completed a Level 3 chemical accreditation and supply a copy of a current chemical accreditation card on enrolment.

This online course guides you through the process of developing a drought risk management plan.