EI: DPI calls on Tamworth to help Moonbi horse owners

An appeal has gone out today to residents in the Tamworth area to make available caravans for short term use by people affected by the lockdown of horses.

NSW DPI Director of Emergencies Graeme Eggleston said anyone able to assist by providing caravans for use for the next five weeks should make contact with the Tamworth DPI office.

“Unfortunately there are a number of people who will have to remain with their horses at Moonbi, and they are in urgent need of accommodation such as caravans so they can be close to their animals,” he said.

“People caught up in the lockdown of horses at Moonbi have had to prepare for the long haul, with the restriction of horse movements to continue for some time.

“We are in urgent need of about four caravans that can be used for accommodation for the 10 people who are currently caring for their horses at Moonbi.

“If you can help, please contact the Tamworth office on 6765 4591.”

The DPI will also assist affected owners through the provision of feed and emergency veterinary care for horses involved.
The horses will remain under quarantine until 30 days after the disease had run its cycle and there were no more signs of infection.

There is an indefinite ban on the movement of horses, donkeys and mules across the entire State.

More information: www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/equine-influenza