Illawarra and South Coast anglers get their very own fish ‘magnets’

From Wollongong to Jervis Bay, offshore anglers are set to benefit from the redeployment of three fish aggregating devices (FADs).

Department of Primary Industries FAD Program Manager Marcus Gregson said that between 27 November and 4 December, Department of Primary Industries (DPI) staff will redeploy the popular fish aggregating devices off Wollongong, Kiama and Jervis Bay (weather permitting).

"These devices can act like magnets for mahi-mahi or dolphin fish and even marlin, creating offshore opportunities for the fishing community who are seeking a quality fishing experience," Mr Gregson said.

"The NSW Government will deploy a total of 21 FADs along the state coastline.

"Fishers are always very pleased when the devices go back in the water and fishing close to them has become an increasingly popular pastime, since they were first installed along the NSW coastline in 2002.

"The devices provide great opportunities for rec fishers to target fast growing pelagic fish and are considered to act as a reference point for schools of surface-dwelling fish such as mahi-mahi."

Fish aggregating devices are yellow buoys, marked with a cross and navigation light on top, that are moored to the ocean floor. They are installed from October to June and are removed for maintenance during winter months.

"The FAD program is just one of many excellent initiatives funded by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts and is a great example of fishers licence fees being put back into the water to improve recreational fishing in NSW," he said.

Funds raised from the recreational fishing licence fee are placed into two trusts, one for saltwater and one for freshwater, used to improve recreational fishing in NSW.

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