Lifestyles of Manly's famous aquatic life revealed

Learning about the lifestyles of sea anenomes, crabs and starfish will be the topic of an educational walk along the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve this weekend.

NSW Department of Primary Industries Education Officer Kerrie Deguara said Fishcare Volunteers will be conducting the guided walk, open to all members of the public, starting from Long Reef Aquatic Reserve on Sunday 25th November at 3pm.

"Fishcare volunteers will show participants the aquatic life along the reef. They will explain how they live, what they eat and how they reproduce among other things. There is an interesting bunch of sea creatures living along the reef " from sea anemones to starfish - especially since many have been around since the dawn of time and some since last tide," she said.

"By conducting walks such as these, Fishcare volunteers play a vital role in promoting awareness and do a terrific job in advising anglers about the rules and values of sustainable recreational fishing in NSW.

The Fishcare Volunteer Program is funded by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust and provides a vital link between anglers and NSW DPI.

"The advisory trailer affectionately known as "Bluey" will be on display and the Fishcare Information room will also be open to the public," she said.

The trailer is a purpose built, self-contained showpiece stocked with promotional material relating to recreational fishing in NSW. It is funded through the Recreational Fishing Trust.

Funds raised from the sale of the recreational fishing fee are placed into the saltwater and freshwater Recreational Fishing Trusts and can only be spent on projects to improve recreational fishing in NSW.

To register, please call: 0411 124 200.