Forest news 2004

Bombala's historic Woolingubrah vandalised  29 Dec 2004
Training day helps Forestry Corporation prepare for fire  15 Dec 2004
Holiday fun in the forest  15 Dec 2004
Court orders timber cutter to pay more than $40 000  07 Dec 2004
Casual firefighters start work  02 Dec 2004
Forestry Corporation Christmas tree to delight preschoolers  01 Dec 2004
Switch to gas to avoid wildfires  30 Nov 2004
Training day helps Forestry Corporation prepare for fire season  23 Nov 2004
Industrial rubbish bin removed after misuse  22 Nov 2004
New Fire Observation Platform for Sunny Corner  22 Nov 2004
Fire Tower Operators and Casual Firefighters Start Work  17 Nov 2004
Swans Crossing picnic area closed  08 Nov 2004
Clyde Ridge Road upgraded  25 Oct 2004
Feasibility study underway for proposed Aboriginal Cultural Centre  25 Oct 2004
Forestry Corporation hosts Ramsar managers from across Australia  24 Oct 2004
Solid fuel fire bans for State forests in the Riverina  24 Oct 2004
Forestry Corporation staff fit and ready for fire season  20 Oct 2004
Forestry Corporation brings forward Solid Fuel Fire Ban  19 Oct 2004
Crack down on forest dumpers  19 Nov 2004
Organisations join forces to help restore wetlands  12 Oct 2004
Weyerhaeuser USA visits Hume Region  11 Oct 2004
Forestry Corporation staff fit and ready for fire season  22 Sep 2004
Forestry Corporation advises forest visitors to be wary of forest flooding in Millewa, Gulpa Island, Moira and Werai State forests  14 Sep 2004
Seven million seedlings and cuttings lifted at Blowering Nursery  08 Sep 2004
Twenty-six casual staff employed to boost Forestry Corporation firefighting numbers  07 Sep 2004
Forestry Corporation Hume Region achieves impressive safety record  03 Sep 2004
Close eye on barking owls  02 Sep 2004
Joint fox baiting program proves very effective  30 Aug 2004
Forestry Corporation work mates come to the rescue  19 Aug 2004
Training ground for new leaders  19 Aug 2004
Bushwalker lost in icy conditions sounds warning for all bushwalkers  19 Aug 2004
Firefighters take a fresh look at the job  17 Aug 2004
Andersons Road closure  16 Aug 2004
Investment to boost timber industry's economic contribution on the north coast  06 Aug 2004
Mid North Coast ready for fire season  04 Aug 2004
Forests recycle old iron  29 Jul 2004
Keeping tabs on the past  29 Jul 2004
Wood for winter  23 Jul 2004
Firefighters face the test  22 Jul 2004
Forestry Corporation staff awarded for dedication to the job  22 Jul 2004
ANU students visit centre of forestry excellence  20 Jul 2004
Claims about State Forests wrong  11 Jul 2004
Spirit of the Story at Cumberland State Forest  22 Jun 2004
International forestry students tour forests of the South Coast  17 Jun 2004
Alpine ash seed collected for Victorian bushfire regeneration program  15 Jun 2004
Sculpture links forests and ship building  03 Jun 2004
Historic North Coast forestry contracts signed  01 Jun 2004
Pine logs the first commercial export from Eden’s new wharf  31 May 2004
First class flight to Sydney for abandoned potoroo baby  26 May 2004
Permits required for firewood collection in Macquarie region  25 May 2004
Permits required for firewood collection in Riverina region  24 May 2004
Conservation Volunteers building a Better Earth in Putty State Forest!  20 May 2004
Conservation Volunteers building a Better Earth in Barrington Tops!  20 May 2004
Staggered road closure, Houston Mitchell Drive  18 May 2004
Hazard reduction burn in Awaba State Forest near Sydney-Newcastle Freeway  17 May 2004
Log truck retired after 1.4 million kilometers without major breakdown  14 May 2004
Permits required for firewood collection on the South Coast  13 May 2004
Permits required for firewood collection in Hunter Region  13 May 2004
Court orders firewood cutter to pay more than $21 000  13 May 2004
The early bird catches the … croissant?  12 May 2004
New recreation strategy for State forests on public display  11 May 2004
Forest custodian honoured  06 May 2004
State Forests plans major hazard reduction burn near Napoleon Reef  05 May 2004
State Forests and Oberon Rotary Club join forces to commemorate start of plantation forest industry  05 May 2004
Generator theft causes research station to be shut down  04 May 2004
Hazard reduction burning continuing in Hunter State forests this week  03 May 2004
State Forests’ new harvest planning forester and dog trapper  28 Apr 2004
Hazard reduction burning progressing well in State forests of the Watagans  27 Apr 2004
Hazard reduction burning in Watagans and Myall River State Forests  19 Apr 2004
Area of Broken Bago State Forest closed for safety reasons  13 Apr 2004
Motorbikes banned from Benarca and parts of Moira State Forests to protect environment  08 Apr 2004
Vincents Lookout road closed  05 Apr 2004
State Forests fire expert to study in US  30 Mar 2004
State Forests lifts Solid Fuel Fire bans on 9 April  30 Mar 2004
Conference centre proposal for Newnes Forest camp  19 Mar 2004
Better 'safe than sorry’ in the bush  18 Mar 2004
Textbook hazard reduction burn  16 Mar 2004
State Forests conducts hazard reduction burns near Towamba  15 Mar 2004
Senior citizens tour pine plantations as part of Senior Citizens Week  15 Mar 2004
Bega high school students gain appreciation of timber industry  12 Mar 2004
Greenhouse benefits of changing land-use practices predicted on-line  10 Mar 2004
State Forests plans hazard reduction burn near Bombala  03 Mar 2004
Stop rubbishing your State forests  04 Mar 2004
Hazard reduction fires under way  04 Mar 2004
Searching for better trees  04 Mar 2004
Eastern pygmy possum tracked in south coast forests  02 Mar 2004
Forester takes to the skies  19 Feb 2004
Assured softwood markets will boost Bombala's prosperity  16 Feb 2004
Clonal material to boost timber plantation stocks  11 Feb 2004
State Forests, BHP Billiton and Conservation Volunteers Australia join forces to remove willows  30 Jan 2004
State Forests seeks public comment on its revised harvesting code  29 Jan 2004
Refurbished State Forests picnic area vandalised  28 Jan 2004
State Forests and Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council sign memorandum of understanding  23 Jan 2004
Spotlight walks in Watagans a night-time forest adventure  22 Jan 2004
State Forests to spend $2.35 million on upgrade of Wee Jasper Forest Way  16 Jan 2004
State Forests awards its biggest harvest and haulage contract worth $40 million  16 Jan 2004
State Forests to spend $1.175 million on Billapaloola Road  16 Jan 2004
First section of Tumut State Forest recreational trail completed  14 Jan 2004
State Forests course promotes smarter driving  09 Jan 2004
Explore your South Coast State forests  07 Jan 2004
Explore your Newcastle & Hunter State forests  07 Jan 2004
Aerial acrobatics in Cumberland State Forest  06 Jan 2004
School Holiday Fun at Cumberland  02 Jan 2004
Go gas to avoid wildfire – solid fuel fire ban  02 Jan 2004