Area of Broken Bago State Forest closed for safety reasons

State Forests of NSW has closed part of Broken Bago State Forest adjacent to Kings Creek Road, Wauchope, to ensure the safety of the public during a timber harvesting operation in the area.

State Forests Mid North Coast Region acting harvesting forester, Russell Madeley, said the area south of Old Highway Road bounded by Nine Tree Road has been closed as a number of people have disregarded safety fencing and signs erected by the harvesting contractor.

Mr Madeley said the contractor was required to maintain a safe working environment and could not be confident of this when people ignored warning signs.

“As a result we have had to close part of the forest while harvesting takes place,” Mr Madeley said. “This small area of Broken Bago State Forest will be closed for approximately two months. Harvesting operations will be continuing throughout the Easter school holidays so people are asked to observe the closures during this period.

“The closure will affect parts of the Old Highway between Bago Road and Nine Tree Road, and all of Nine Tree Road south of the Old Highway, so people using that road should watch out for advisory signs.

“There are other nearby areas that local residents can use safely while this harvest is in progress.

“State Forests of NSW views unauthorised entry as a serious safety matter. People found in the area without a letter of consent to enter from State Forests will be liable for fines up to $2200.”

Media contact: Russell Madeley on (02) 6585 3744.