Pine logs the first commercial export from Eden’s new wharf

The export of 20 000 tonnes pulpwood logs from State Forests pine plantations will be the first commercial use of the new multi-purpose wharf at Eden.

The logs, from plantations around Bombala, are being loaded aboard the 'Albany Sound' for shipment to China from the new wharf in Twofold Bay this week.

State Forests Monaro Regional Manager, Bob Germantse said the new wharf, primarily built as a munitions facility for the navy, had been strengthened to take commercial vessels, opening up export opportunities for low grade pulplogs that could not be processed locally.

"Following this first shipment, approximately 20 000 tonnes of pulpwood from State Forests pine plantations near Bombala are due to be shipped every six to eight weeks for the next three years with most of the logs going to China and Japan," Mr Germantse said.

" The export logs are mostly from Bondi State Forest. They do not meet domestic sawmill specifications and are surplus to local pulp mill requirements.

"Opening up exports markets for these logs is very important as it allows the plantations to be thinned commercially. This will help us to grow bigger and better saw logs to be process by the local processors including the new mill being built by Timberman's Group.

It also helps to underpin the viability of local harvesting and haulage contractors who are harvesting and hauling the logs to stockpiles near the Eden wharf.

“Overall, it is an excellent opportunity to fully utilise the softwood timber resource while at adding to the stability of the industry which is of real benefit to the Bombala community.”

The 'Albany Sound' is expected to depart the new wharf for China at the end of the week.

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