Hazard reduction fires under way

State Forests has begun hazard reduction burns near Urunga to reduce the bushfire threat next summer.

Neighbours near Newry State Forest have already received letters advising of the burns, which began this week and will continue until June when weather conditions permit.

“The area will be burnt as part of State Forests annual hazard reduction burning program,” said State Forests North East Region protection forester, Ms Kath Bray.

Ms Bray said the hazard reduction program was part of State Forests on-going commitment to the protection of State Forests and adjoining areas of private property, including environmental and community assets, from the potential threat of wildfire.

“Many factors have been taken into consideration during the planning process to identify those areas in which hazard reduction burning will be of greatest benefit,” Ms Bray said.

“These include forest types, fire history, management history such as logging, location of major traffic routes, proximity to private property, residences and other buildings.”

The hazard reduction burns will only be undertaken during conditions of appropriate fire danger.

“Adequate firefighting resources will be on site to ensure the safe containment of these low intensity fires,” Ms Bray said.

“Road signs will be used to advise motorists of smoke risks, and traffic control will be used where necessary.”

Roads which will be affected at various times during the program include: Martells Road, Bryces Ridge Road, Williams Road, Evacuation Road, Range Road, Fairbrothers Road and Mines Road.

“If anybody has any questions about these operations they should contact me on 02 66520111,” Ms Bray said.

Media contact: Kath Bray on (02) 6652 0111.