Forestry Corporation Hume Region achieves impressive safety record

Forestry Corporation Hume region has achieved an impressive safety record during the past year and to mark the occasion an awards ceremony and regional safety meeting will be held at Laurel Hill Forest Lodge today (Friday 3 September).

Forestry Corporation regional manager Mr Don Hobson said during the year ending in June the Region achieved a much improved safety result compared with previous years with only two lost time accidents during the year.

“This is more than half the number of accidents that were suffered by employees during previous years. This improved performance will set a target for the Region to achieve this year and into the future,” he said.

He said the annual safety day was an opportunity for the region’s 91 staff based around Tumut, Batlow and Tumbarumba to get together to focus on safety for the day.

During the day staff will receive training in Forestry Corporation safety awareness program by Mr Graeme King, a presentation from Mr Gavin Jeffries on forest road safety initiatives developed by the Forest Industry Council during the past year and a review on safety performance and initiatives achieved by the region’s staff during the year.

Forestry Corporation Planted Forests director, Mr Peter Crowe, will present the safety and service awards.

Safety awards will be presented for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of work, free of lost time accidents.

“These achievements are outstanding efforts in an often hazardous workplace and undertaking a range of forest work including firefighting,” Mr Hobson said.

“In particular the six employees who have achieved 20 years, another six who achieved 25 years and one 30 years are to be congratulated.”

Five-year safety Safety Awards are to be presented to Mr Paul Kelly, Mr Andrew Nicholls, Mr John Neyland, Mr Jason Vincent and Mr Garry Cook.

A 10-year safety award will be presented to Ms Brenda Kirkby.

Fifteen-year safety awards will be presented to Mr Paul Bennett, Mr Steve Doughty, Mr Gavin Jefferies and Mr Colin West.

Twenty year Safety Awards will be presented to Mr Chris Gorman, Mr Andrew Hawkins, Mr York Heinecke, Mr Trevor Masters, Mr Anthony Post and Mr Charlie Taylor.

Twenty-years Safety Awards will be presented to Mr Graham Barton, Mr Keith Richards, Mr David Smith, Mr Les Williams, Mr Phil Withers and Mr Brian Wood.

A 30-year Safety Award will be presented to Mr Les Doughty.

Awards will also be presented to employees who have achieved significant milestones of long service for Forestry Corporation with Letters of Recognition presented for 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service and plaques presented to employees who have worked for Forestry Corporation for 25 years.

Mr Hobson said it was fabulous to see staff make such a long-term contribution to the economic development of the region through their work.

“It is not at all unusual for people to stay with this organisation for very long periods of time. They are a dedicated group and a great asset,” he said.

Five-year Letters of Recognition will be presented to Mr Rod Baker, Mr Jason Vincent, Mr Tony Nicholson, Mr Paul Kelly, and Mr Andrew Nicholls.

Ten-year Letters of Recognition will be presented to Mr Damien O’Reilly, Ms Brenda Kirkby and Mr Jeffery Matthews.

Fifteen-year Letters of Recognition will be presented to Mr Daniel Barnard, Mr Peter Rial, Mr Gavin Jefferies, Mr Robert Boyd, Mr James Butt, Mr John Houting, Mr Colin West, Mr Greg Bye, Mr Graham Smith, Mr Gerald Garner and Mr David Booby.

Twenty-year Letters of Recognition will be presented to Mr John Hartnett, Mr Michael Stafford, Mr Anthony Post, Mr John Hartnett, Mr Scott Worth, Mr Andrew Hawkins, Mr Daniel Matthews, Mr Charles Taylor, Mr Trevor Masters, Mr John Neyland and Mr Steven Doughty.

Twenty-five Plaques will be presented to Mr Graham Barton, Mr Keith Richards, Mr Gordon Goldspink, Mr Chris Gorman and Mr Edward Shelley.

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