Permits required for firewood collection on the South Coast

With the cooler weather upon us, many people are thinking of their winter heating needs. It’s not too late to gather firewood from State forests, but State Forests of NSW is reminding people that a permit is required.

“We are happy for people with permits to collect firewood for their own personal use but we will not tolerate people either not having permits or using the permits to illegally collect wood to on-sell,” State Forests south coast regional manager, Steve Dodds, said.

“State Forests conducts regular patrols of the forests to ensure people cutting wood are appropriately licensed. Those caught stealing wood can expect to be fined or prosecuted.”

Mr Dodds said a problem with people illegally cutting and removing wood from the forests is that they are often doing so in sensitive areas, disturbing native vegetation and destroying habitats.

“Permit allocation allows us to direct people to the best sites for collecting firewood in the forest and prevents any unnecessary damage being done to the environment,” Mr Dodds said. “Just this week, an illegal cutter was fined more than $21000 in the Wentworth local court, demonstrating the significance of the offence.”

Permit holders are permitted to collect only dead wood from the forest floor. No standing timber, dead or alive, can be cut.

Firewood collection permits can be purchased from State Forests Batemans Bay office starting at just $16.50 per tonne for one month or $8.25 per tonne for pensioners.

Media contact: Steve Dodds on (02) 4472 6211.