Weyerhaeuser USA visits Hume Region

Forestry Corporation Hume Region and Tumbarumba Hardswoods hosted a visit by three employees from Weyerhaeuser USA last Wednesday (6 October).

Forestry Corporation Harvest Planning Manager Roger Davies said Mr Danny Hamsley, Kevin Kast and Doug Jolley are all from the southern States and manage harvesting operations for Weyerhaeuser in the southern half of the USA.

The group also inspected Weyerhaeuser facilities at Tumut and will later tour Mt Gambier and New Zealand.

”Weyerhaeuser was interested in visiting our region to observe world's best practices in harvesting and forest management,” Mr Davies said.

“The trio commented that the region is noted as among the best in the world and they intended taking home some valuable insights," he said.

”It was a full day but the group managed to visit clearfall, cable and thinning operations plus native forest logging operations.

”They were particularly impressed with our customer service, safety attitude, quality of harvest planning, productivity and innovations such as electronic delivery dockets.

“Fortunately the local fauna came to the party with kangaroos, wallabies, brumbies, emus, kookaburras and various parrots all making an appearance and providing a bit of novelty for their second day in Australia.”

Mr Davies said during the day there were useful exchanges of ideas on forest management and recognition of common challenges within our industry.

“I was certainly staggered by the scale of their operations in the USA,” he said.

Media contact: Roger Davies on (02) 6947 3911.

Photo available of Danny Hamsley, Kevin Kast, and Doug Jolley visiting magical Sugar Pine Walk in Bago State Forest near Laurel Hill.