Forestry Corporation work mates come to the rescue

Forest NSW employees at Eden have come to the rescue of a former work mate who has had to retire due to ill health.

Mr Dave Newlyn, 46, a dozer driver with Forestry Corporation for four years had to leave work a year ago suffering from the very debilitating motor neurone disease and he is now in a wheelchair.

Mr Newlyn’s wife Carol was recently speaking to Neil Hamsphire Forestry Corporation ecologist assistant at Eden and said how much Dave loved to sit outside in his wheelchair, but in the last few years the trees in their garden had grown so well that he no longer had a view.

She said the trees obscured a lovely view of the river flats that they had from their home at south Pambula.

Neil took the problem on board and went back to work to see if he could organise a group of people to remove and prune the offending trees.

In the meantime, Carol obtained permission from the local council to prune and remove the trees.

“Dave, affectionately known as ‘Red Fred’, is one of the nicest guy’s we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Dave is a very quiet person but loved a laugh, his music and life,” Neil said.

“This disease has had a devastating effect upon him, particularly as he was a fit and active guy.

“Now he is confined to a wheelchair, and to be able to give him a view that he sorely missed is a small job for us to do but will mean a lot to Dave.

“We miss him very much and were thrilled to be able to get together and recreate a view which he loved.”

Other members of Eden staff who helped to prune the trees were Dean Payne, Terry Mitchell, Don McDonald, Peter Bridle, Peter Schumann and Lee Andrews.

Carol said she was very pleased that Forestry Corporation Eden staff had taken the time to come to the aid of an ex-work mate and do such a good job.

“Dave will have his view for years to come thanks to everyone,” she said.

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