Entrance to Deniliquin State Forest to be closed to vehicles

Public concern in relation to speeding vehicles placing pedestrians and forest users at risk has led to the back entrance to Deniliquin State Forest being closed to vehicles from Monday 1 August.

Forestry Corporation operations officer based at Deniliquin Gary Rodda said following discussions between Forestry Corporation and Deniliquin Council a decision had been made to close the entrance to Deniliquin State Forest to all vehicles via the Pakenham Street entrance.

“It will now be a no through road for all vehicles with the entrance blocked off by a heavy duty gate,” Mr Rodda said.

He said access would still be maintained for pedestrians and pushbikes.

A car park has been provided near the levee bank for people who wish to still drive to Deniliquin State Forest and walk from the car park into the forest.

“Forestry Corporation first raised the possibility of closing the road with Deniliquin Council after ongoing problems with speeding vehicles placing pedestrians and forest users at risk, illegal dumping of rubbish and unauthorised firewood collection continued to occur via this entrance. This was despite extensive efforts to educate those people doing the wrong thing had failed.”

Deniliquin Council’s manager of technical services David Kerslake said that following an approach from Forestry Corporation, Council’s Traffic Committee recommended that the access gate into the forest be closed. This recommendation was subsequently adopted by Council.

“Deniliquin Council is pleased to support Forestry Corporation with this initiative since these problems have also been raised with Council by concerned members of the public,” Mr Kerslake said.

Forestry Corporation would like to assure people that emergency services vehicles and personnel will still have access to the forest via this entrance, if required.

Further information

Media contact: Gary Rodda on (03) 5881 2266.