Forestry Corporation lifts solid fuel fire bans on 31 March

With the onset of milder weather conditions along the Murray, Edward and Murrumbidgee River systems, Forestry Corporation has announced that its Solid Fuel Fire Ban, which has operated since 1 November last year, will end at midnight on Thursday 31 March.

“Despite continuing dry conditions, lower maximum temperatures have reduced the risk of campfires escaping, and the intensity with which fires will burn in the red gum forests along the Murray and Murrumbidgee river systems,” Forestry Corporation Riverina Region fire manager, Larry Carey said.

During the Solid Fuel Fire Ban period all fires using solid fuel such as wood or charcoal were prohibited to minimise the risk of campfires escaping into forest.

Mr Carey said he was pleased with the success of the Solid Fuel Fire Ban that had potentially saved thousands of hectares of valuable forest and property from the damaging effects of wildfire during the past five months.

“While the lighting of campfires will be permitted in properly constructed fireplaces (clear of all flammable matter for three metres), it is still important that people take care with their campfires to ensure they are properly extinguished,” he said.

“In particular, campers must be make sure they completely extinguish campfires with water rather than covering a smouldering fire with sand or soil before leaving the forest.

“The removal of the ban at midnight on 31 March will allow NSW and Victorian school holiday campers staying in the forests along the Murray and Murrumbidgee River systems to enjoy the benefit of a traditional campfire.”

For further information contact Forestry Corporation Riverina Regional Office at Deniliquin on (03) 5881 2266.

Media contact: Larry Carey on (03) 5881 2266.