Hazard reduction burning on Mangrove Mountain starts today

Forestry Corporation will be conducting a significant hazard reduction burn on the northern side of Waratah and Bloodtree Roads in the Mangrove Mountain area from this morning, Tuesday 16 August 2005. The exercise was planned for last week but was postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Forestry Corporation Resource Protection Manager, Mike Pryjma, said that the 700 hectare burn was designed to protect important rural assets within the area.

“Mangrove Mountain is a rural area used extensively for chicken farming and orchard production,” Mr Pryjma said. “The objective of the burn is to protect the valuable infrastructure on properties adjoining McPherson State Forest from the threat of wildfires over the coming summer.

“This will be done by creating a fuel reduced zone along boundaries shared with our neighbours by conducting a low intensity prescribed burn. The aim is to reduce the fuel loads to more manageable levels.”

Mr Pryjma said the fire would generate a large column of smoke that will be visible from the F3 freeway and right across the Central Coast.

“Neighbours and travellers should not be alarmed at seeing this smoke and are asked not to tie up emergency resources by calling 000,” he said. “All of our hazard reduction burns are carefully planned to ensure that burning is only carried out under appropriate weather conditions and in consultation with the local community.”

The exercise will commence at 10am today, Tuesday 16 August, and continue for the rest of the week.

Further information:

Mike Pryjma at Forestry Corporation, Ph: (02) 4931 6519