'In the Living Forest' published

A new book that will make a valuable contribution toward informed public debate about forest management in Australia has been launched by the New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries, Ian Macdonald.

The publishing of In the Living Forest has been supported by key players in forestry and related industries around Australia, with Forestry Corporation as a leading supporter.

Forestry Corporation Chief Executive, Peter Duncan, said the organisation was thrilled to support the publication, which is seen as a timely portrayal of forest management in twenty-first-century Australia.

‘In recent decades the forestry sector has been undergoing a transformation into a vibrant modern industry committed to innovation, world class efficiency and achieving the scale of production essential for success in globalised markets,’ Peter said. ‘This book gives an insight into these changes.’

Peter said Australians justifiably expect their forest products to be derived from sustainably managed native forests and plantations.

‘Communities rely on professional forest managers to conserve unique forest ecosystems and lead the development of new forest-based products and services to help address global environmental concerns,’ Peter said.

Editor-in-chief, John Keeney, said In the Living Forest was designed as an independent review of the many strands of activity and thought which make up the forest community in Australia.

‘Since European settlement our vision of the forests has evolved from that of wilderness, to resource, to national treasure to be managed with care,’ John said.

‘Government policy, management expertise and forest science have evolved steadily with invention, entrepreneurialism and with great clamour. Lessons learned here should provide some useful models and thinking for other nations.’

The book contains contributions from some of Australia's foremost experts including Professor Michael Archer, Eric Rolls, Phil Ruthven, John Williams, Tim Treadgold and Mark Kestigan.

‘This has allowed us to balance the differing views with a realistic appraisal of economics, jobs, and the processes of transition,’ John said.

For more information, please see the Forestry Corporation website. Copies of the book can be purchased from Forestry Corporation Information Centre on Ph: 1300 655 687 or 02 9871 3377. RRP$39.95 plus $5.00 postage and handling.

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